So you're a Miserable Old Cow...
...go on, embrace it.
what we're about.
what's this all about?

i'll tell you. i was sitting in a deli in manhattan a while ago with my ex-fiance crying my eyes out about how i really wanted to know my purpose, how i felt he knew his and that i was so sick and tired of being so miserable.  i cried out, 'i'm a miserable old cow!' (at 31 years old mind you, i'm not old..not yet anyway).
i had a revelation in that moment (with his loving help) that maybe i was a miserable old cow!  and get this...that was okay.  maybe that was just a part of my whole beautiful self.  i can't know happy without knowing sad.  i can't feel awesome...yep, you guessed it...without knowing what miserable feels like.

why start this website?

1) it's a scary, lonely world when you feel like you're the only person who's miserable and 2) i believe that once you release your crap (and that's what it feels like a lot of the time), you feel so much just needed an outlet, a place to release.  And that is exactly what this place is...a pasture if you will, where women come to release energy that they wouldn't otherwise be productive with and it becomes fertile soil for us all to grow into our more graceful selves.

how it works.

so now what? okay. say it's tuesday, 4:57pm and your boss just asked you to stay a few extra hours or your partner tells you he's unhappy with your sex life or you took a dance class and you see what your body really looks like in the get the idea. you're feeling miserable. go on, write an entry.

you can do it in one of two ways. 1) click here click here and write directly through the website or 2) email it to by simply writing what's going on for you and releasing it to the site, you free yourself from your frustration, anger, annoyance, fear and judgment.  and isn't that what we all need in life? (NOTE: entries are completely anonymous. everything you write will be in confidence and no judgments will be held towards you or towards anyone you're writing about. names will not be posted.) in the subject of the email, state which page your entry should appear on (on career, on sex, etc.).

it will be posted within 24 hours of your sending it.  you can also join our forum at to have live, interactive, supportive discussion with other amazing women (who happen to be expressing their miserable old cow sides in that moment).


this is your home, a place where you can read, relate to and dump off your misery so that you can continue to be the beautiful life force that you are. 
welcome's time to moo!

if you can any questions or comments for the site administrator, please email with administrator in the subject line.
all material submitted to or are property of the site. thank you.
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